How to Shrink Calcified Fibroids with Diet: 5 Foods to Consider

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How to Shrink Calcified Fibroids with Diet: 5 Foods to Consider

Natural Ways to Shrink Calcified Fibroids: Top 5 Foods to Consider

Calcified fibroids are noncancerous benign uterine growth that forms when there is an overgrowth of smooth muscle cells in the uterus. While there is no exact cause of calcified fibroid, health experts believe that it is influenced by genetic and hormonal factors. 

Having calcified fibroids can be quite painful as it will impact one’s lifestyle. Many people fear surgical treatment and procedures to get rid of it. However, there are many surgical and also non-invasive Treatment for Calcified Fibroids you can look for yourself. But the risk is always there.

Fortunately, there are some diet and healthy lifestyle practices that will help in shrinking the fibroids for easy removal. Read on to find healthy foods that you can include in your diet!


Follow a Mediterranean Die

Treating a calcified fibroid brings a lot of options to the table. By adding plenty of fresh, cooked green vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, and fish to your plate, you can lower the risk of fibroid growth in the uterus.

Several studies have found that the Mediterranean diet is one way to do this. Eating these foods regularly may help you lower the risk of developing calcified fibroids. 

On the other hand, eating more beef, ham, lamb, and other red meat can impact your health and increase the risk of growing it.

Cut Back Alcohol 

Drinking alcohol, regardless of the type, will increase the risk of developing fibroids. Alcohol can raise the level of hormones needed for fibroids to grow. This can trigger inflammation and bring more harm to your body.

In a recent study, it has found that women who drank more beer and alcohol on a daily basis increased their risk of developing fibroids in their bodies. If you’re inspecting the symptoms of fibroids in your body, it is recommended by the health specialist to reduce the risk of developing it.


Balance Estrogen Level 

For men and women, estrogen is one of the vital elements for healthy fertility. However, increasing the level of estrogen in your body can increase your risk of developing fibroids and allow it to grow faster. There are several treatments, such as hormone therapy, that work on lowering the estrogen level to reduce the risk and shrink the fibroids.

You can balance the estrogen level in your body simply by maintaining your weight and balancing your blood pressure. Prevent eating red meat and avoid using nonstick coating cookware to balance cortisol levels along with estrogen in your body.


Include Vitamin D

A study has found that including Vitamin D in your diet will help in reducing the risk of developing fibroids in your body. This vitamin is also called sunshine food.

If you’re deficient in vitamin D, try to sunbathe more and include healthy meals in your diet. Foods like egg yolks, fortified milk, and cheese can help reduce the risk to almost 32 percent.


Add an Appropriate Amount of Potassium 

Another mineral that will help in shrinking the risk of developing fibroids is potassium. Adding potassium to your diet will help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level and improve your overall health.

You can get potassium from bananas, citrus, dates, lentils, and tomatoes, as these are rich sources of it.

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